For the Busy Client & the Pampered Pet

Description of Service :   

Woodlands Petmobile brings the style and flair of a fine upscale salon to the privacy, convenience and comfort of your home or office. This is where your pet  will receive professional, personalized and uninterrupted attention.  

This clean, state of the art salon on wheels, is warm and snug in the winter, cool and comfortable in the summer. Your pet will enjoy his cage free environment. There are no barking dogs, no phones ringing, or non stop, dryers blowing.  Most baths and some lite grooming will be done in as little as one hour.  Some pets take longer!   This is done right in front of your precious pet's  own home.                       

An initial in-depth phone interview will confirm if our services are right for you and your pet. Please have your Vet's name and number available for us during this interview.  We will not bathe/groom an animal without proof  of  up to date vaccinations from your vet. Our pricing will be discussed and appropriate appointment will be determined for a day and time convenient to you when we will be in your general area. Appointments will be reconfirmed the day prior.  

New customers only:  Please meet  the bather/groomer  at your front door with your completed Sign up form, and your pet on a leash or in a crate. During our consultation, we will have you sign the  information card and check your pets coat to make sure that the price quoted is correct for the bath/groom discussed over the phone interview. We will be happy to  go over any concerns you may have at that time. 

Once we have done the initial 1st  bath/groom and you  have schedule your next appointment , you need not be home at the time of  the next appointment. as long as payment and access to your pet  is obtainable, you can then come home to a clean and happy pet. 

Bathing/Grooming services include a warm water hydro jet massage bath with a shampoo and conditioner regime customized to your pet. Nails are  trimmed, the  hair between the pads are shaved, ears are cleaned and plucked if necessary, to allow maximum air circulation to reduce possible ear infections and odor.  Under tail and tummy are shaved around the privates and anus to help keep your pet more sanitary. Your pet will be hand fluffed dried never cage dried, and totally brushed out with no tangles.  Standard Breed Groom will be done unless otherwise specified during our in depth consultation. Your pet will then be beautified with bows, bandanna, or neckie, and cologne, along with any extras that you may have requested.


 Bathing Prices 

Bathing rates - Dogs under 65lbs -$65 first hour. $40.00 every hour after. Sales tax is added to the price of service. 

 $55.00 Bath that takes 45 minutes or less $55.00 such as Chihuahua (short hair). Sales tax is added to the price of service.

Prices may vary per pet visit, based on breed, size, temperament, and condition of the coat


Bathing Prices

 Bathing  prices. Sales tax is added to the price of service.

Cats - Short hair $65.00 first hour per pet. 
Cats - Long hair $75.00 first hour per pet.

Prices may vary per pet visit, based on breed, size, temperament, condition of coat. 



 Payment by cash or check is due in full upon completion of service.  

Woodlands Petmobile will arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible. However we will never jeopardize the safety or well-being of our clients pets by hastening a bath/groom. Nor will we put the stylist at unnecessary risk by rushing to the next  appointment.  We will call you and advise you of any change in our arrival time. 

Your pets safety and comfort is our primary concern. Please advise us of any allergies, sensitivities or pre-existing medical conditions so we can avoid aggravating these situations. Please let us know of any bathing/grooming history you or your pet may not have found totally satisfactory. We want to avoid the repetition of  an experiences or situations that caused your pet discomfort.  

Woodlands Petmobile uses only the finest natural pet products available. You may have a special shampoo or conditioner that you prefer on your pet. Please allow us to use it to assure comfort and consistency to your pets groom. 

We understand some pets are extremely sensitive to certain bathing/grooming procedures such as trimming nails, cleaning ears, or relieving anal glands. It  is not our intent to cause discomfort to your pet. Although these are routine procedures normally performed for the well being of the pet, Woodlands Petmobile will not continue with any bathing/grooming procedure that will cause pain or discomfort to the pet. Sometimes, for the overly sensitive pet, these procedures are best left to the care of a veterinarian. 

Woodlands Petmobile will do some de- matting on a pet IF the pet is able to withstand the the de- matting process. Excessive de-matting is a very painful, time-consuming and a costly procedure. It can aggravate and cause skin problems. 

This is a total contradiction to the stress-free philosophy of mobile bathing/grooming. Sometimes the pet is so badly matted that the hair must be completely clipped off, allowing new, healthy hair to grow. Excessive matting can be avoided with regular brushing and grooming and we will be happy to show you some brushing techniques for mat prevention. 

We know that  most pets are very well behaved,  but not all are "perfect angels". We understand this and welcome meeting these different personalities as part of our job. However, for the benefit of all involved, we will not provide services for vicious or aggressive attitudes and we reserve the right to refuse service to these pets.  

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. 

No Show Policy: In the event we arrive for a scheduled, confirmed appointment and find no one there to release the pet to our care, an invoice for the actual "trip fee" will be assessed and left at your door. This cost is to help cover for the loss in wages, and for the Van and generator gas usage.  

Return Check Policy: There will be a $35.00 charge on all Returned Checks 

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